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Title ScreenEdit


Game StoryEdit

It was not by chance that this struggle came to be. The blame falls squarely upon my shoulders for giving evil the chance it needed, and therefore fulfilling an ancient prophecy. Raiden's Earthrealm champions had failed to stop the Deadly Alliance from fully resurrecting the mummified army of the Dragon King. In the end only Raiden himself stood between Earthrealm and total destruction. Defying the Elder Gods' wishes, he alone challenged Quan Chi and Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat - Earthrealm's last hope for freedom. Raiden fought well against the two sorcerers and it seemed as though victory was at hand. But the combined might of Quan Chi and Shang Tsung proved to be overwhelming, even for a Thunder God. Raiden was defeated. The Deadly Alliance had won. Their victory was short-lived, as suspicion and lust for power overcame both Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. The former allies turned on each other. The Deadly Alliance was no more. Quan Chi defeated Shang Tsung and reveled in his konquest. But it is set that there is only one true ruler of Outworld... and that ruler had returned... Onaga - former emperor of Outworld - The Dragon King. The prophecy had been fulfilled. The Dragon Ling had indeed returned to Outworld to reclaim his Army and impose his dominance. Death awaited all who stood in his way. And so it was, that a new alliance was formed out of desperation. Sworn enemies joined forces to combat a greater threat. Raiden began to realize that even their combined might was not enough to defeat the Dragon King. There was only one chance left. Raiden's sacrifice was in vain - for the blast had little effect on the Dragon King. Now Onaga has what he needs to shape the realms as he sees fit. I was the fool who brought him this power. Only I can destroy this threat, born of deception. (These are the words of Shujinko)

Choose your FighterEdit

Jademkd Kenshimkd Scorpionmkd Mileenamkd Barakamkd Subzeromkd Sindelmkd Havik

Raidenmkd Limeimkd Kabalmkd Ermacmkd Nightwolfmkd Boraichomkd Noobsmoke Tanyamkd

Shujinko Hotaru Ashrah Dairou Kobra Darrius Kira Liukangmkd

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GameCube and MKUnchained version onlyEdit

ShaokahnMKD Goromkd

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Mortal Kombat: Unchained extra charactersEdit

Blazemkd Frostmkd Jaxmkd Kitanamkd

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Skytemple tn Nethershipinterior tn Darkprison tn Beetlelair tn

Hellsfoundry tn Slaughterhouse tn Lowermines tn Goldendesert tn

Fallingcliffs tn Yinyangisland tn Quanchisfortress tn Kuatanpalace tn

Dragonkingstemple tn Chamberofartifacts tn Dragonmountain tn Thepit tn

Livingforestmkd tn Nexus tn Liukangstomb tn Shangtsungscourtyardmkd tn

Deadpoolmkd tn Portalmkd tn


Krypt GuideEdit

Koffin: AA 221 Sapphire Koins Quan Chi's Attack
Koffin: AB Krypt Key Required Golden Desert

(Key Found in Netherrealm:E-2)

Koffin: AC 63 Sapphire Koins 397 Gold Koins
Koffin: AD 148 Platinum Koins Edenia Realm Map
Koffin: AE 137 Platinum Koins 371 Jade Koins
Koffin: AF Krypt Key Required Chou Jaio Video

(Key Found in Orderrealm:B-6/7 - Punch Mokap)

Koffin: AG 121 Ruby Koins Puzzle Kombat Ladder
Koffin: AH 158 Ruby Koins Torture Concept
Koffin: AI 201g Gold Koins Kabal's Story Board
Koffin: AJ 186 Sapphire Koins Sindel's Alt. Bio.
Koffin: AK 127 Sapphire Koins Konquest Layout
Koffin: AL 223 Platinum Koins Liu Kang's Tomb Render
Koffin: AM Krypt Key Required Nightwolf's Alt Costume

(Key Found in Netherrealm:A-4 - Fight Nightwolf)

Koffin: AN 179 Sapphire Koins Noob Story Board
Koffin: AO 612 Onyx Koins Scorpion Kata Test
Koffin: AP 202 Platinum Koins MK4 Scorpion Render
Koffin: AQ 352 Platinum Koins Jade's Alternate Bio
Koffin: AR 192 Ruby Koins Ermac Early Concept
Koffin: AS Krypt Key Required Sub-Zero's Alt. Bio.

(Key Found in Earthrealm:C-3)

Koffin: AT 155 Platinum Koins Sindel Story Board
Koffin: BA 193 Sapphire Koins Kira Story Board
Koffin: BB 681 Platinum Koins MK4 3D Test
Koffin: BC 108 Sapphire Koins Dragon King Render
Koffin: BD 117 Gold Koins 602 Sapphire Koins
Koffin: BE 213 Platinum Koins MK Chess Concept
Koffin: BF 113 Onyx Koins Scorpion Vs. Sub-Zero
Koffin: BG 352 Ruby Koins 297 Sapphire Koins
Koffin: BH Krypt Key Required Liu Kang's Tomb

(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Earthrealm:H-6 @ 3-7 AM)

Koffin: BI Krypt Key Required Liu Kang's Bio

(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Earthrealm:H-4)

Koffin: BJ 198 Gold Koins Chamber Death Trap Concept
Koffin: BK 106 Platinum Koins 4 Player Concept
Koffin: BL 87 Jade Koins Evil Yin Yang Concept
Koffin: BM 97 Gold Koins 659 Platinum Koins
Koffin: BN 88 Onyx Koins Nightwolf Concepts
Koffin: BO 269 Ruby Koins Bo' Rai Cho's Alternate Bio
Koffin: BP Krypt Key Required Live At Kuatan Music

(Key Found in Netherrealm:E-5)

Koffin: BQ 227 Sapphire Koins Nethership Stern
Koffin: BR 129 Ruby Koins 461 Gold Koins
Koffin: BS 56 Jade Koins Chess Kombat Concepts
Koffin: BT 488 Onyx Koins Arcade Select Music
Koffin: CA 202 Gold Koins 772 Ruby Koins
Koffin: CB 338 Platinum Koins 374 Gold Koins
Koffin: CC Krypt Key Required Beetle Lair Music

(Key Found in Earthrealm Village:C-2 and Earthrealm:D-7)

Koffin: CD 212 Onyx Koins Beetle Lair Concepts
Koffin: CE 422 Jade Koins Dairou's Alternate Bio
Koffin: CF 178 Platinum Koins Weapon Concepts
Koffin: CG Krypt Key Required Flying Jinko

(Beat Konquest First, Edenia:E-5)

Koffin: CH 154 Gold Koins 254 Sapphire Koins
Koffin: CI 210 Sapphire Koins Li Mei Concepts
Koffin: CJ 135 Ruby Koins Falling Cliffs Concept
Koffin: CK 101 Jade Koins Chamber of Artifacts Lower Level
Koffin: CL 1004 Jade Koins Raiden Lightning Test
Koffin: CM 177 Platinum Koins Undead General
Koffin: CN 1114 Jade Koins Havik Alternate Costume
Koffin: CO 256 Platinum Koins Dragon King's Throne
Koffin: CP 267 Jade Koins Carlos Pesina
Koffin: CQ 255 Gold Koins Ermac Story Board
Koffin: CR 125 Ruby Koins 150 Gold Koins
Koffin: CS 521 Platinum Koins Moifah Martial Arts Video
Koffin: CT 718 Gold Koins Jim Terdina
Koffin: DA Krypt Key Required Kabal's Alt. Costume

(Beat Konquest First, Chaosrealm:B-1 - Fight Kabal)

Koffin: DB Krypt Key Required Shujinko Bio

(Beat Konquest First, Edenia:H-1)

Koffin: DC 176 Ruby Koins Havik Promo Render
Koffin: DD Krypt Key Required Shujinko Foot Grab

(Beat Konquest First, Edenia:D-8 on Mondays Behind House)

Koffin: DE 207 Sapphire Koins Ermac Alternate Concepts
Koffin: DF 205 Ruby Koins Falling Cliffs Concept
Koffin: DG 111 Platinum Koins Danny Gutierrez
Koffin: DH 143 Ruby Koins Chaos Realm Concepts
Koffin: DI Krypt Key Required Tanya

(Key Found in Outworld:A-3 @ 7pm-12am)

Koffin: DJ 185 Jade Koins Sub-Zero Promotional Render
Koffin: DK 137 Sapphire Koins Outworld Guard House
Koffin: DL 255 Onyx Koins Shang Tsung's Destroyed Palace
Koffin: DM 3643 Onyx Koins Noob-Smoke
Koffin: DM 340 Sapphire Koins 515 Onyx Koins

GameCube Only

Koffin: DN 177 Gold Koins Li Mei Story Board
Koffin: DO Krypt Key Required Dragon Mountain

(Key Found in Outworld:H-8)

Koffin: DP 306 Platinum Koins Tanya's Bio
Koffin: DQ 66 Onyx Koins Slaughterhouse Sketch
Koffin: DR 601 Platinum Koins Marketing and Media Relations Team
Koffin: DS 1694 Sapphire Koins Living Forest
Koffin: DT 301 Sapphire Koins Cinematic Scorpion
Koffin: EA 207 Platinum Koins Ermac Masked Concepts
Koffin: EB 144 Sapphire Koins Ed Boon
Koffin: EC 871 Jade Koins Portal Arena Music
Koffin: ED 215 Platinum Koins Order Realm City Center
Koffin: EE Krypt Key Required Ashrah's Alt Costume

(Beat Konquest First, Netherrealm:H-4 5pm-4am)

Koffin: EF 236 Platinum Koins Shujinko Promotional Render
Koffin: EG 391 Ruby Koins Thank You Screen
Koffin: EH 245 Onyx Koins Nethership Map Art
Koffin: EI 165 Sapphire Koins Nethership Hanging Bodies
Koffin: EJ 1494 Platinum Koins Noob & Smoke Alt Costumes
Koffin: EK 288 Gold Koins Slaughterhouse Death Trap
Koffin: EL 199 Jade Koins Dairou Story Board
Koffin: EM Krypt Key Required Raiden's Alt Costume

(Beat Konquest First, Unlock Raiden First, Key Found in Edenia:F-3 - Fight Raiden)

Koffin: EN 294 Onyx Koins Falling Cliffs Fatality
Koffin: EO 743 Platinum Koins Opening Movie Animatic
Koffin: EP 277 Sapphire Koins Falling Cliffs Fatality
Koffin: EQ 316 Onyx Koins Voice Actors
Koffin: ER Krypt Key Required Liu Kang's Alt Costume

(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Edenia:H-5 @ 1st of the Month 12PM-12:15PM)

Koffin: ES 234 Onyx Koins Sektor and Smoke
Koffin: ET 141 Jade Koins Mileena Concepts
Koffin: FA 206 Ruby Koins Hotaru Character Sketch
Koffin: FB 565 Onyx Koins Monkey Style Martial Arts Video
Koffin: FC 217 Onyx Koins Old Shujinko Concept
Koffin: FD 628 Ruby Koins MK Mythologies: Temple of Elements
Koffin: FE 301 Sapphire Koins Liu Kang's Tomb Concept
Koffin: FF 116 Ruby Koins Raiden Character Studies
Koffin: FG 222 Gold Koins Outworld Chess Concept
Koffin: FH 138 Platinum Koins Game Balance Testers
Koffin: FI 596 Gold Koins Zha Chuan Martial Arts Video
Koffin: FJ 153 Sapphire Koins Red Dragon Sword
Koffin: FK 293 Platinum Koins Cliffhanger Concept
Koffin: FL 126 Jade Koins Player Capture Concept
Koffin: FM 154 Sapphire Koins Cinematic Team
Koffin: FN Krypt Key Required Hua Chuan Video

(Key Found in Earthrealm:E-2)

Koffin: FO 456 Jade Koins Sky Temple Concept
Koffin: FP 107 Sapphire Koins 378 Ruby Koins
Koffin: FQ 198 Gold Koins Quan Chi's Realm Detail
Koffin: FR 288 Onyx Koins Double Character Concept
Koffin: FS 122 Ruby Koins Slaughterhouse Concept
Koffin: FT 224 Jade Koins 418 Platinum Koins
Koffin: GA Krypt Key Required Baraka's Alt. Bio.

(Key Found in Earthrealm:A-3)

Koffin: GB 390 Sapphire Koins Noob and Smoke's Alternate Bio
Koffin: GC Krypt Key Required Jade Alt. Costume

(Key Found in Outworld:G-4)

Koffin: GD 133 Ruby Koins Mileena Story Board
Koffin: GE 216 Gold Koins John Vogel Painting
Koffin: GF Krypt Key Required Kuatan Palace

(Key Found in Orderrealm:A-4)

Koffin: GG 610 Ruby Koins Quan Chi's Skullwall
Koffin: GH 299 Sapphire Koins Raiden Promotional Render
Koffin: GI 182 Ruby Koins Kira Concepts
Koffin: GJ 251 Ruby Koins San Diego Creative Team
Koffin: GK 267 Gold Koins Hotaru's Alternate Bio
Koffin: GL 99 Sapphire Koins Darrius Concepts
Koffin: GM Krypt Key Required Mileena Puzzle Kombat

(Key Found in Netherrealm:C-6)

Koffin: GN 217 Ruby Koins Chaos Realm Water Center
Koffin: GO 2911 Ruby Koins Jade Puzzle Kombat
Koffin: GP Krypt Key Required Portal Arena

(Key Found in Earthrealm Village:D-5)

Koffin: GQ 154 Sapphire Koins MK4 Sonya
Koffin: GR 209 Gold Koins Jon Greenburg
Koffin: GS 202 Sapphire Koins Kira's Bio
Koffin: GT 217 Sapphire Koins Sexy Mileena
Koffin: HA 186 Onyx Koins Adisak Pochanayon
Koffin: HB Krypt Key Required Ying Yang Puzzle Arena

(Key Found in Earthrealm Village:D-1 or Earthrealm:G-4)

Koffin: HC 111 Gold Koins Yin Yang Statue
Koffin: HD 168 Ruby Koins Jennifer Hedrick
Koffin: HE 173 Onyx Koins 434 Gold Koins
Koffin: HF 183 Gold Koins Shujinko's Sword Concept
Koffin: HG 317 Gold Koins 434 Jade Koins
Koffin: HH 54 Jade Koins Sareena Render
Koffin: HI 312 Gold Koins Noob and Smoke's Bio
Koffin: HJ Krypt Key Required Tiles of Death and Whimsy Music

(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Chaosrealm:E-7 - Inside a House)

Koffin: HK 668 Jade Koins Sub-Zero Render
Koffin: HL Krypt Key Required Mileena's Alt Costume

(Key Found in Earthrealm:F-7 - 7pm-9pm)

Koffin: HM 136 Ruby Koins Scorpion Concept
Koffin: HN 194 Jade Koins Tanya Character Studies
Koffin: HO 172 Ruby Koins Scorpion wireframe from MK4
Koffin: HP 156 Platinum Koins Sindel Character Study
Koffin: HQ 1515 Jade Koins Liu Kang's Tomb Puzzle Arena
Koffin: HR 401 Onyx Koins Outworld Cottage
Koffin: HS 213 Platinum Koins Herman Sanchez
Koffin: HT 324 Sapphire Koins 361 Jade Koins
Koffin: IA 144 Jade Koins MK Gold: Baraka and Mileena
Koffin: IB 2086 Onyx Koins Bo' Rai Cho Alt. Costume
Koffin: IC 243 Sapphire Koins Animation Sketches
Koffin: ID Krypt Key Required Shujinko Spear

(Beat Konquest First, Edenia:A-1 - Defeat Scorpion)

Koffin: IE 216 Sapphire Koins Darrius Promotional Render
Koffin: IF 682 Ruby Koins User Interface Team
Koffin: IG Krypt Key Required Mian Chuan Video

(Key Found in Netherrealm:E-8)

Koffin: IH 556 Jade Koins MK Deception Teaser Trailer
Koffin: II 200 Sapphire Koins Konquest Production
Koffin: IJ 144 Sapphire Koins Quan Chi's Realm Portal
Koffin: IK 224 Platinum Koins Arena Weapon Concept
Koffin: IL 199 Ruby Koins Slaughterhouse Concept
Koffin: IM 133 Platinum Koins 268 Ruby Koins
Koffin: IN Krypt Key Required Shujinko Icy Breeze

(Beat Konquest First, Orderrealm:F-5 Inside Building @ 6AM-12PM)

Koffin: IO 194 Platinum Koins Good Yin Yang Concept
Koffin: IP Krypt Key Required Kobra's Alt. Costume

(Key Found in Earthrealm:G-2 @ 7PM-7AM - Fight Kobra)

Koffin: IQ 139 Onyx Koins Dragon King Ending Part 2
Koffin: IR 256 Jade Koins Jade Story Board
Koffin: IS 164 Gold Koins Raiden Solid Model
Koffin: IT 189 Sapphire Koins Information Technology Team
Koffin: JA 324 Onyx Koins Jim Bulvan
Koffin: JB 29 Ruby Koins Jay Biondo
Koffin: JC 376 Sapphire Koins Nethership Fight Intro
Koffin: JD 186 Ruby Koins Nightwolf Story Board
Koffin: JE 793 Sapphire Koins MK Mythologies: Bloopers
Koffin: JF 217 Platinum Koins Noob Alternate Concepts
Koffin: JG 175 Ruby Koins 357 Onyx Koins
Koffin: JH 235 Platinum Koins Baraka Render
Koffin: JI 2191 Ruby Koins Deadpool
Koffin: JJ 200 Platinum Koins Early MK Deception Promo
Koffin: JK 245 Jade Koins Kenshi's Alternate Bio
Koffin: JL 63 Onyx Koins Tanya from MK4
Koffin: JM 640 Jade Koins Baraka Vs. Mileena Animatic
Koffin: JN 159 Sapphire Koins John Nocher
Koffin: JO Krypt Key Required Shujinko's Alt Costume

(Beat Konquest First, Edenia:F-1 - Inside building on Tuesdays)

Koffin: JP 134 Jade Koins Scorpion Story Board
Koffin: JQ Krypt Key Required Nexus Arena

(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Chaosrealm:A-4 @ 3-8:00 AM)

Koffin: JR 187 Ruby Koins Deadly Alliance Exhibit
Koffin: JS Krypt Key Required Shao Kahn's Alt Bio

(Key Found In Earthrealm:C-5) GameCube Only

Koffin: JS Krypt Key Required Havik

(Key Found in Chaosrealm:H-4)

Koffin: JT 804 Gold Koins MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero Dies
Koffin: KA 233 Jade Koins Tanya's Alternate Bio
Koffin: KB 225 Sapphire Koins Noob Concepts
Koffin: KC Krypt Key Required Shujinko Opponent Slam

(Beat Konquest First, Edenia:C-8 @ 5-6PM on Wednesdays)

Koffin: KD 212 Onyx Koins Art Crew
Koffin: KE 178 Sapphire Koins Sindel Promotional Render
Koffin: KF 260 Gold Koins Quan Chi's Realm Approach
Koffin: KG Krypt Key Required Raiden's Alternate Bio

(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Outworld:G-1)

Koffin: KH 273 Onyx Koins Liu Kang's Tomb Concept
Koffin: KI Krypt Key Required Scorpion Alt Costume

(Key Found In Earthrealm Village:B-6)

Koffin: KJ 161 Onyx Koins 477 Sapphire Koins
Koffin: KK Krypt Key Required Shujinko Hara Kiri

(Beat Konquest First, Earthrealm:A-8 @ 12AM-1AM on 16th of the month)

Koffin: KL 200 Gold Koins Shang Tsung's Attack
Koffin: KM 145 Ruby Koins 242 Platnium Koins
Koffin: KN Krypt Key Required Shujinko Flaming Fist

(Beat Konquest First, Edenia:G-6 - To the left behind a building)

Koffin: KO 186 Ruby Koins Quan Chi Cinema Model
Koffin: KP 401 Gold Koins John Podlasek
Koffin: KQ 623 Onyx Koins MK Mythologies:Promo
Koffin: KR 145 Gold Koins Ashrah Character Concept
Koffin: KS 233 Onyx Koins Kabal's Alternate Bio
Koffin: KT Krypt Key Required Liu Kang's Tomb Music

(Key Found in Earthrealm Village:C-4 or Earthrealm:C-7)

Koffin: LA 165 Ruby Koins Facial Animation Test
Koffin: LB 170 Onyx Koins Brian Lebaron
Koffin: LC 182 Onyx Koins 489 Jade Koins
Koffin: LD 67 Jade Koins Shang Tsung's Chess Concept
Koffin: LE 265 Platinum Koins Nightwolf's Alternate Bio
Koffin: LF Krypt Key Required Shujinko Fatality 1

(Beat Konquest First, Outworld:C-8)

Koffin: LG 155 Gold Koins Face Damage Demo
Koffin: LH 217 Sapphire Koins 297 Jade Koins
Koffin: LI 206 Sapphire Koins Animation Sketches
Koffin: LJ 196 Ruby Koins Edenia Realm House
Koffin: LK 170 Onyx Koins Ashrah Concepts
Koffin: LL 398 Sapphire Koins Havik's Bio
Koffin: LM 178 Gold Koins Luis Mangubat
Koffin: LN 232 Gold Koins Baraka Story Board
Koffin: LO 342 Jade Koins Hotaru's Bio
Koffin: LP 136 Platinum Koins Tools Group
Koffin: LQ 125 Sapphire Koins MK Universe Logo
Koffin: LR 201 Jade Koins 299 Ruby Koins
Koffin: LS 200 Jade Koins Dragon King Face
Koffin: LT 200 Platinum Koins Konquest Mission Maps
Koffin: MA Krypt Key Required Raiden

(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Orderrealm:E-3 - Defeat Raiden)

Koffin: MB 639 Jade Koins Mike Boon
Koffin: MC 280 Onyx Koins Fatality Concept
Koffin: MD 99 Jade Koins Order Realm City Center
Koffin: ME 66 Jade Koins Darrius Character Concept
Koffin: MF 385 Jade Koins Noob Saibot Demo
Koffin: MG 192 Platinum Koins Nethership Plan
Koffin: MH Krypt Key Required Sindel Alt. Costume

(Key Found in Outworld:H-6)

Koffin: MI 2425 Platinum Koins Kabal Puzzle Kombat
Koffin: MJ 138 Sapphire Koins Chaos Realm Ruins
Koffin: MK 283 Platinum Koins Kira's Alternate Bio
Koffin: ML Krypt Key Required Tanya Alt. Costume

(Key Found in Outworld:C-2/3 - Defeat Tanya)

Koffin: MM Krypt Key Required Shujinko's Alt Bio

(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Chaosrealm:G-8)

Koffin: MN 164 Gold Koins Dragon King Ending Part 1
Koffin: MO Krypt Key Required Dragon King Temple

(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Chaosrealm:D-7 - Inside a House @ 12-8 AM)

Koffin: MP 815 Sapphire Koins Quan Chi Voice Test
Koffin: MQ 128 Onyx Koins Mary Qian
Koffin: MR Krypt Key Required Dark Prision Music

(Key Found in Earthrealm:C-3)

Koffin: MS 528 Platinum Koins Raiden's Demise
Koffin: MT 529 Onyx Koins Mike Taran
Koffin: NA 126 Jade Koins 476 Onyx Koins
Koffin: NB 95 Jade Koins Sky Temple Concept
Koffin: NC 148 Gold Koins Nigel Casey
Koffin: ND Krypt Key Required Bo' Rai Cho Puzzle Kombat

(Key Found in Earthrealm Village:C-6 or Earthrealm:A-7)

Koffin: NE 196 Platinum Koins Scorpion Render
Koffin: NF 281 Ruby Koins Li Mei's Bio
Koffin: NG 166 Sapphire Koins Ashrah Render
Koffin: NH 144 Platinum Koins 461 Onyx Koins
Koffin: NI 227 Jade Koins Scorpion's Katana
Koffin: NJ 561 Gold Koins Kombo Krusher Music
Koffin: NK 245 Jade Koins John Vogel
Koffin: NL 105 Jade Koins 357 Gold Koins
Koffin: NM 129 Sapphire Koins Rock Crusher Death Trap
Koffin: NN 499 Ruby Koins Nightwolf Promotional Render
Koffin: NO 188 Gold Koins Liu Kang's Tomb Concept
Koffin: NP 144 Onyx Koins 325 Ruby Koins
Koffin: NQ 243 Gold Koins Bo' Rai Cho Story Board
Koffin: NR 115 Ruby Koins 348 Sapphire Koins
Koffin: NS 124 Ruby Koins Nick Shin
Koffin: NT 162 Onyx Koins Netherrealm Skull Rock
Koffin: OA 128 Onyx Koins Sub-Zero Story Board
Koffin: OB Krypt Key Required Shang Tsung's Courtyard

(Key Found in Netherrealm:A-1)

Koffin: OC 211 Sapphire Koins Outworld Map
Koffin: OD 209 Platinum Koins Hell's Foundry
Koffin: OE 152 Platinum Koins Slaughterhouse Render
Koffin: OF Krypt Key Required Shujinko Flip Scissor Kick

(Beat Konquest First, Orderrealm:D-1)

Koffin: OG 148 Jade Koins 322 Sapphire Koins
Koffin: OH 178 Jade Koins Sky Temple Elevation
Koffin: OI 250 Jade Koins 450 Gold Koins

GameCube Only

Koffin: OI 2417 Jade Koins Jade
Koffin: OJ Krypt Key Required Hotaru

(Key Found in Orderrealm:H-1 @ 4am-2pm)

Koffin: OJ Krypt Key Required Goro's Alt Bio

(Key Found In Earthrealm:E-7) GameCube Only

Koffin: OK Krypt Key Required Silat Video

(Key Found in Chaosrealm:B-1)

Koffin: OL 211 Platinum Koins Online Team
Koffin: OM 181 Platinum Koins Noob and Smoke Demo
Koffin: ON Krypt Key Required Kenshi

(Key Found in Earthrealm Village:C-3)

Koffin: OO 452 Platinum Koins MK Deadly Alliance Commercial
Koffin: OP 252 Sapphire Koins Kobra Story Board
Koffin: OQ Krypt Key Required Quan Chi's Fortress

(Key Found in Orderrealm:H-5 - Inside a House)

Koffin: OR 272 Sapphire Koins Alan Villani
Koffin: OS 395 Ruby Koins Havik's Alternate Bio
Koffin: OT Krypt Key Required Liu Kang

(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Edenia:G-8 @ 12am-1am Fridays)

Koffin: PA 346 Jade Koins Raiden Concepts
Koffin: PB 194 Gold Koins Nightwolf and Sonya from MK3
Koffin: PC 592 Sapphire Koins Goju Ryu Martial Arts Video
Koffin: PD Krypt Key Required Li Mei

(Key Found in Outworld:F-7 - Inside House)

Koffin: PD Krypt Key Required Goro's Alt Costume

(Key Found In Earthrealm:C-8) GameCube Only

Koffin: PE 212 Ruby Koins Nethership Interior
Koffin: PF 260 Ruby Koins Kenshi's Story Board
Koffin: PG 45 Jade Koins Paulo Garcia
Koffin: PH 188 Jade Koins Wheel of Death Concept
Koffin: PI 280 Sapphire Koins Ashrah's Story Board
Koffin: PJ 254 Gold Koins Ermac's Alternate Bio
Koffin: PK 128 Jade Koins Pav Kovacic
Koffin: PL 255 Onyx Koins Slaughterhouse Death Trap
Koffin: PM 312 Onyx Koins Outworld Map
Koffin: PN 161 Sapphire Koins Noob Concepts
Koffin: PO 277 Ruby Koins Konquest Missions Team
Koffin: PP 3604 Gold Koins Raiden Puzzle Kombat
Koffin: PQ 140 Onyx Koins Animation Sketches
Koffin: PR 288 Gold Koins Kenshi's Bio
Koffin: PS Krypt Key Required Shujinko Kick

(Beat Konquest First, Chaosrealm:G-4 @ 2AM Sunday - infront of a house)

Koffin: PT 171 Sapphire Koins Shinnok from MK4
Koffin: QA 467 Sapphire Koins Quality Assurance - Chicago
Koffin: QB 189 Sapphire Koins 463 Platinum Koins
Koffin: QC 150 Platinum Koins Havik Concepts
Koffin: QD 392 Gold Koins Darrius's Alternate Bio
Koffin: QE 178 Gold Koins Chaos Realm Concept
Koffin: QF 126 Gold Koins Nethership Cross Section
Koffin: QG 210 Gold Koins Chamber of Artifacts Render
Koffin: QH 296 Onyx Koins Li Mei's Alternate Bio
Koffin: QI Krypt Key Required Dairou's Alt Costume

(Beat Konquest First, Chaosrealm:D-8)

Koffin: QJ 207 Ruby Koins Chaos Realm Koffins
Koffin: QK Krypt Key Required Liu Kang Storyboard

(Beat Konquest First, Key found in Chaosrealm:F-7)

Koffin: QL 134 Ruby Koins 348 Jade Koins
Koffin: QM 377 Jade Koins Animation Sketches
Koffin: QN 324 Sapphire Koins Ashrah's Alternate Bio
Koffin: QO 197 Sapphire Koins Scorpion Pawn
Koffin: QP Krypt Key Required Ermac's Alt. Costume

(Key Found in Netherrealm:A-8)

Koffin: QQ 374 Jade Koins Quality Assurance - San Diego
Koffin: QR 123 Platinum Koins 277 Gold Koins
Koffin: QS 231 Platinum Koins Nethership Bow
Koffin: QT 1064 Ruby Koins Hotaru's Alt Costume
Koffin: RA 169 Platinum Koins Dragon King Story Board
Koffin: RB 215 Onyx Koins 258 Ruby Koins
Koffin: RC 263 Platinum Koins Midway Media - Chicago
Koffin: RD 167 Platinum Koins Frozen Katakombs
Koffin: RE Krypt Key Required Mileena's Alt. Bio.

(Key Found in Earthrealm:F-6)

Koffin: RF 213 Gold Koins Sub-Zero Concepts
Koffin: RG 288 Sapphire Koins Young Shujinko
Koffin: RH 163 Gold Koins 397 Onyx Koins
Koffin: RI 320 Onyx Koins Sky Temple Concept
Koffin: RJ 159 Jade Koins Falling Cliffs Fatality
Koffin: RK 148 Sapphire Koins Sludge Pit Concept
Koffin: RL 166 Gold Koins Beetle Lair Attack
Koffin: RM Krypt Key Required Sub-Zero's Alt Costume

(Key Found in Earthrealm:F-8 @ 7pm-9pm behind rock in Lin Kuei temple)

Koffin: RN 137 Gold Koins Alexander Barrentine
Koffin: RO 124 Jade Koins 343 Platinum Koins
Koffin: RP 258 Jade Koins Jade's Bio
Koffin: RQ 131 Sapphire Koins Evil Yin Yang Concept
Koffin: RR 83 Gold Koins Ryan Rosenberg
Koffin: RS 398 Platinum Koins Dead Pool Arena Music
Koffin: RT Krypt Key Required Scorpion's Alt. Bio.

(Key Found in Earthrealm:D-4)

Koffin: SA Krypt Key Required Raiden's Bio

(Beat Konquest First, Earthrealm:C-4)

Koffin: SB 327 Platinum Koins Steve Beran
Koffin: SC Krypt Key Required Kenshi's Alt. Costume

(Key Found in Earthrealm:A-5)

Koffin: SD 675 Platinum Koins MK Deception Preview
Koffin: SE Krypt Key Required Liu Kang's Alternate Bio

(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Orderrealm:G-5)

Koffin: SF 167 Onyx Koins Good Yin Yang Concept
Koffin: SG 990 Sapphire Koins Kira's Alternate Costume
Koffin: SH Krypt Key Required Kira

(Key Found in Earthrealm:H-2 @ 1am-4am)

Koffin: SH Krypt Key Required Shao Kahn's Alt Costume

(Key Found In Earthrealm:B-5) GameCube Only

Koffin: SI 244 Gold Koins Jade Character Studies
Koffin: SJ Krypt Key Required Sindel

(Key Found in Netherrealm:D-1 @ 9pm-4am)

Koffin: SK 52 Onyx Koins Bo' Rai Cho
Koffin: SL 615 Ruby Koins Val Tudo Martial Arts Video
Koffin: SM 195 Gold Koins Edenia Realm Palace
Koffin: SN 155 Jade Koins Shujinko Character Concept
Koffin: SO 198 Jade Koins Sound Team
Koffin: SP 244 Sapphire Koins Baraka Concept
Koffin: SQ Krypt Key Required Shujinko Fatality 2

(Beat Konquest First, Orderrealm:D-4)

Koffin: SR 2252 Gold Koins Baraka's Alt Costume
Koffin: SS 219 Ruby Koins Production Assistance
Koffin: ST 298 Ruby Koins Chess Piece Concept
Koffin: TA 104 Jade Koins Todd Allen
Koffin: TB Krypt Key Required Darrius Alt. Costume

(Key Found in Outworld:F-8)

Koffin: TC 682 Sapphire Koins Living Forest Arena Music
Koffin: TD 299 Platinum Koins Noob Demo Version 2
Koffin: TE Krypt Key Required Li Mei's Alt. Costume

(Beat Konquest First, Key Found in Orderrealm:A-6 - Fight Li Mei)

Koffin: TF 150 Sapphire Koins 434 Onyx Koins
Koffin: TG 135 Onyx Koins Tony Goskie
Koffin: TH 257 Jade Koins Havik Concepts
Koffin: TI 269 Onyx Koins Sindel's Bio
Koffin: TJ 234 Sapphire Koins Death Trap Chamber
Koffin: TK 547 Ruby Koins MK Deception Trailer Animatic
Koffin: TL Krypt Key Required Golden Desert Music

(Key Found in Netherrealm:D-8)

Koffin: TM 154 Onyx Koins MK4 Promo
Koffin: TN 191 Onyx Koins Early Quan Chi
Koffin: TO 126 Gold Koins Tony Zeffiro
Koffin: TP 283 Onyx Koins Kobra's Alternate Bio
Koffin: TQ 274 Gold Koins Lower Mines Death Trap
Koffin: TR Krypt Key Required Kenshi Puzzle Kombat

(Key Found in Earthrealm:G-4)

Koffin: TS 365 Sapphire Koins Taaron Silverstein
Koffin: TT Krypt Key Required Choy Lay Fut

(Key Found in Edenia:F-4 - Inside a House)

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